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Executive Assistant

We are seeking a high energy Executive Assistant to support multiple executives for our client in Northwest Houston. As their right-hand, you will play a pivotal role in maximizing efficiency and productivity through seamless operations and process optimization. By maintaining a proactive and resourceful approach with problem-solving skills will be essential in addressing the unique needs and priorities of each executive. This is key in providing invaluable support and facilitating the success of both executives.


  • Efficiently manage calendars, travel arrangements, and meetings to ensure smooth operations and optimal time management.
  • Take charge and proactively anticipate needs, identifying opportunities for improvement and implementing strategies to enhance efficiency.
  • Constantly seek ways to optimize processes, streamline workflows, and enhance productivity through your insights and expertise.
  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment, demonstrating adaptability, agility, and the ability to manage multiple priorities.


  • 5+ years supporting an Executive
  • Microsoft Office proficiency, Power BI is a plus
  • Project Management is a plus

The ideal candidate will possess strong work management skills, maintain a proactive approach, have the ability to juggle multiple responsibilities, and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

  • Problem-solving is a crucial aspect of this role, requiring the ability to gather and analyze information, differentiate between essential elements and distractions, and generate alternative solutions as needed.
  • Excellent planning and organizational capabilities are essential, including the ability to coordinate tasks and schedules for others while optimizing time usage.
  • Adaptability is key, as the role entails managing frequent changes, delays, and unexpected events with ease and flexibility.
  • Additionally, a customer service-oriented mindset is valued, demonstrating the ability to handle challenging situations, promptly respond to needs, and actively seek feedback to drive continuous improvement.