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Communications Manager

We are seeking an experienced Communications Manager to join our client’s team within the manufacturing industry. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in corporate communications, public relations, and internal communications, with a proven track record of success in the manufacturing sector. This role requires exceptional communication skills, strategic thinking, and the ability to manage and execute comprehensive communication plans that align with the company’s goals and objectives.


Corporate Communications:

  • Develop and implement effective communication strategies to enhance the company’s brand image and reputation within the manufacturing industry.
  • Craft and distribute press releases, media kits, and other public relations materials to promote the company’s products, initiatives, and achievements.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for media inquiries and manage relationships with industry journalists and publications.

Internal Communications:

  • Create and manage internal communication programs to ensure employees are informed, engaged, and aligned with the company’s mission, values, and objectives.
  • Develop and distribute internal newsletters, memos, and announcements, utilizing various communication channels such as email, intranet, and town hall meetings.
  • Collaborate with HR and other departments to support change management initiatives and employee engagement activities.

Content Creation and Management:

  • Oversee the creation of compelling content for the company’s website, social media platforms, and marketing materials, ensuring consistency in messaging and branding.
  • Manage the editorial calendar and coordinate with cross-functional teams to generate content that supports marketing and communication goals.

Crisis Communication:

  • Develop and execute crisis communication plans to effectively manage and mitigate potential risks to the company’s reputation.
  • Provide timely and accurate communication during crises, coordinating with senior leadership and other stakeholders as necessary.

Event Management:

  • Plan and execute corporate events, including product launches, press conferences, trade shows, and employee events, ensuring seamless communication and promotion.
  • Manage event logistics, budgets, and vendor relationships to deliver successful events that align with business objectives.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, or a related field
  • 7+ years of experience in corporate communications, public relations, or a related field, with a strong preference for experience in the manufacturing industry.
  • Proven ability to develop and execute comprehensive communication plans that drive business results.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with a keen eye for detail and accuracy.
  • Strong project management skills, with the ability to manage multiple priorities and deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  • Experience with crisis communication and media relations.
  • Proficiency in digital communication tools and platforms, including social media, content management systems, and email marketing software.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams and build strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  • High level of creativity, initiative, and problem-solving skills.